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  • mastering english proficiency: advanced level course c1-c2
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mastering english proficiency: advanced level course c1-c2

About The Course

Overview: Unlock the pinnacle of English language mastery with our Advanced Level Course C1-C2. Designed for students who have successfully surpassed the intermediate stage, this course caters to their refined needs in reading, writing, conversation, and language rules. Our primary focus is to hone these skills and propel learners towards achieving true expertise in the English language. Through immersive discussions across diverse realms such as economics, politics, social life, the working environment, and the market, students engage deeply with their instructor. Our curriculum also prioritizes the mastery of writing and listening skills, facilitated by innovative methodologies that enable fluency and complex vocabulary use.

C1 Proficiency:

  • Grasp a wide range of lengthy texts and infer implied meanings.
  • Express thoughts fluently and spontaneously, eliminating the need for extensive phrase search.
  • Utilize language with flexibility and effectiveness in social, academic, and professional contexts.
  • Generate clear, well-structured, and comprehensive texts on intricate subjects, demonstrating organization, links, and coherent structures.

C2 Proficiency:

  • Comprehend diverse audio and written materials with ease.
  • Synthesize information from multiple sources, articulate, discuss, and present ideas coherently.
  • Express oneself swiftly and extraordinarily fluently, even in the most intricate scenarios, while retaining intricate details of meanings.

Results: Our course empowers students to embrace self-assuredness across reading, writing, listening, and speaking domains. By the course’s culmination, learners proficiently comprehend diverse subjects without hesitation and confidently engage in discussions. Equipped with superior writing skills, they can eloquently address various subjects, whether political, economic, scientific, or professional, devoid of errors.

Educational Tools and Methodology: We employ cutting-edge educational methodologies, delivering ideas, information, and course materials via the World Wide Web. Through images, forms, phrases, and thousands of examples, learners actively engage in subject discussions while accessing attractive and enjoyable educational resources. The virtual learning environment through the WebEx program offers an immersive experience, with recorded lectures and a split screen accommodating the teacher, students, and educational material.

Distinctive Aspects of the Advanced Level Course at international academy: Our faculty comprises distinguished educators from the United States of America, boasting higher academic degrees and substantial experience in instructing non-native English speakers. Our interactive forum fosters engagement between students, academics, and discussions around the clock. Immediate feedback after lectures ensures personalized guidance, while small class sizes foster focused individual attention.

Course Structure and Conclusion: The four-month course comprises two live sessions weekly, gradually increasing to suit individual progress. The Language Assessment Department conducts a placement exam upon registration, ensuring tailored curricula that cater to students’ skills and aspirations. Upon completion, learners possess advanced language skills, empowering them to excel in communication across various life domains and contexts.

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