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essential english proficiency: intermediate level course

About The Course

Level: A1 and A2

Embark on your journey towards English proficiency with our Intermediate Level Course, the stepping stone to mastering this global language. This course is carefully crafted to refine your pronunciation of basic words, enhance your listening skills, and seamlessly integrate reading practice into your daily life. With a focus on syntax and the fundamental rules of English, you’ll learn to communicate professionally and effectively. Our innovative and unconventional teaching methods will equip you with the ability to introduce yourself, converse about friends, family, work, and discuss everyday activities with confidence.

A1 Level:

  • Develop the ability to understand and employ everyday expressions and simple phrases for specific needs.
  • Engage in conversations to gather and share personal details, including residence, acquaintances, and belongings.
  • Respond effectively in conversations, offering assistance and contributing to discussions with clarity and patience.

A2 Level:

  • Gain familiarity with frequently used sentences and phrases relevant to common areas such as personal background, family, shopping, local geography, and employment.
  • Describe your personality, immediate surroundings, and address immediate needs using straightforward language.
  • Navigate routine scenarios, understanding essential information and effectively conveying your thoughts.


This course empowers you with self-confidence, dismantling the barriers of apprehension and reluctance when using English as a novice. You will expand your basic English vocabulary, setting the stage for advancement into the intermediate level. Additionally, you’ll establish a solid foundation in English grammar, enabling you to construct sentences correctly and communicate more effectively.

End of Course Proficiency:

By the end of the course, you will be adept at comprehending simple sentences and confidently navigating various topics, including personal and family information, food, market, and work. You’ll be ready to initiate conversations in English across different contexts, bolstering your self-assurance and fluency.

Educational Tools and Study Approaches:

Our course employs cutting-edge educational techniques, with lecturers using the World Wide Web to present ideas, information, and course materials through images, phrases, and thousands of examples. The instructor’s focus on individual student needs is paramount, fostering dialogue and fluency while incorporating an American dialect. Virtual classes powered by the WebEx program create an engaging and interactive learning environment, and the ability to record and save lectures provides flexibility for ongoing learning.

Unique Features of the Intermediate Level Course at international academy:

Our faculty comprises esteemed educators from the United States of America, each boasting higher academic degrees and substantial experience in teaching English to non-native speakers. The program offers an interactive forum where students can engage with academics and fellow learners, accessing guidance and discussions at any time. Immediate feedback after each lecture ensures personalized attention and guidance, facilitating your progress. The course’s smaller class sizes ensure individualized attention for optimal learning outcomes.

Course Duration and Conclusion:

The course spans four months, encompassing two live and direct sessions per week. The weekly class count gradually increases to match your pace of progress and attendance. After registration, the Language Assessment Department conducts a placement exam to customize the curriculum to your needs, ensuring a program that aligns with your abilities and aspirations. By the course’s end, you’ll possess foundational language skills, equipped to confidently communicate and excel in various aspects of life.

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